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What is saffron?

Due to saffron's specific flavour, copper red colour and powerful unique aroma, it is recognized and appreciated throughout the world. Saffron is obtained from the beautiful purple Crocus flower. The red stigmas of about 150,000 flowers produce 1kg of saffron. The growing process is highly labour intensive as the planting, harvesting and separating of the stigmas from the flowers are all done by hand. Therefore it is the most expensive spice in the world.

Saffron was widely grown in Europe, mostly Spain and Italy, until the 1930 -40s, but due to increasing labour costs, production has decreased. The superiority of the European saffron is still recognized by chefs and consumers alike.

Saffron grown

in Bulgaria

Our saffron is grown in the Southern part of Bulgaria, where the combination of Mediterranean climate and chemically untreated soils results in exceptional quality of the end product.  We follow the European tradition in growing the precious spice - we plant, harvest & separate saffron manually, with great care at every stage of the process. We use the highest quality bulbs from Holland and do not use any harmful chemicals. We are a family owned company and we aspire to establish a brand of a superior quality European saffron, while creating long term sustainable employment in our community. All our saffron is 1st quality grade, qualified as per ISO 3632 standard.


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